English Corner

Animated-Flag-United-KingdomWelcome to the international part of Palasermedia.com.

I once wanted to make the whole page bilingual, but as most of the https://jobitel.com/ content revolves around events happening in and around Hanover, Germany, which probably isn’t of much interest to the world at large, I decided for now to create at least a https://xjobs.org/ corner where I can publish and archive my opinion pieces written in English. If interest of international readers in the other contents of Palaseremedia.com rises, I might be inclined to expand the English Corner. As of now, I’m happy to just have my own little place on the internet to publish my english articles, independent from third party sites.

Another advantage including this English Corner on my site: Potential customers of my translation services can immediately see that I really grew up bilingual and am proficient in the English language at least as well as in German.


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